An Awesome Idea Is Not Enough

delicious meal

So now you’ve got that awesome business idea. You have told everybody about it, whether they asked for it or not. They are all excited about it. You are even more passionate about your idea than ever before.

Is that enough?

Like a good tasting meal starting a business takes many different ingredients. Having an excellent idea is an important ingredient but not enough to cook the entire meal.

Another important ingredient is the ability to execute. As a Japanese proverb says: "Vision without execution is a daydream."

Therefore it is important to include all the other ingredient as well. To mention a few: target audience, revenue streams, partners, suppliers, required resources. There are plenty more.

In all cases if you are starting a new business, look for people who will assist you to make your business a full success. Business incubators, mentors, technical and other cofounders, and coaches are just a few options. When looking for an investor find out how they can assist you apart from just providing cash.

Making use of all these resources is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. Your chances of success will be much, much higher.

Posted: Tuesday, January 7, 2014 2:59:00 PM UTC